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Until I Die by Amy Plum

Until I Die - Amy Plum

After finishing Die for Me I was very enthusiastic about revenants and this series. Until I Die didn't live up to my expectations, although it's by no means a bad book.

Kate can't handle Vincent dying, so they are both trying to find ways to stop his urge to save people. They both go on a different path, not wanting to give the other hope in case it ends up being a false lead. 

The biggest problem Until I Die had is that it's such an in-between read. It doesn't feature much of a plot, except the couple trying to work around Vincent's dying urges. Which I thought was so strange - why does Kate care that Vincent dies? The guy gets up after a day or so. If you become alive after dying, does that really count as being dead? My definition of dead is that it's something final and irreversible. Dead is dead, and they will never come back. Vincent will always come back unless he is killed by numa, but just dying to save people is his job. Kate's objections against Vincent's dying didn't ring true to me. 

People that love romance should read the Revenants series. Vincent is probably one of the most perfect book boyfriends you're going to encounter. Instead of just hanging around at home, he takes Kate to the opera, art galleries, and picnicking. Their romance is close and smoochy and filled with kisses. In this case it was a big "it's not you, it's me" kind of thing. There is nothing essentially wrong with their romance - I'm sure plenty of readers will love this. It was just too close, too clingy for me. I'm not a big romance reader anyway, so if the couple is worried about how one of them will die and the other will live for ever after five months of being in a relationship, I just shake my head. Everyone that loves a "meant to be" kind of romance, you will get your fill from Amy Plum.

We get some more insight into the world of Revenants in this book, and it basically sets the scene for the third and final book in the trilogy, If I Should Die. The book ends on a big whomper of a cliffhanger, so make sure you have part three nearby! Until I Die is a decent YA paranormal romance in the tradition ofTwilight, I'm just afraid Vincent isn't my kind of guy.