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Inkheart (Inkheart Trilogy #1)

Inkheart  - Anthea Bell, Cornelia Funke This book is about a little girl, Maggie, whose father can read characters out of books. I read this book three times now, and it still strikes me how different this book is from other children's books. It is very, very dark for that age category, and maybe that's why it's so appealing. The storyline was inventive and I adore Elinor's character and the happy ending wasn't too sweet. The writing was a little childish at times, but what to expect different from a children's book, right?My only annoyance where the quotes at every chapter. I like quotes, but man, these were way to obvious. They weren't inspiring in any way, and I stopped reading them after a while. Also, what is up with al the Pinces Bride quotes? Does Cornelia Funke have an advert deal with the publisher or something?Anyway, I surely be reading the next book when I get the chance.