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Dime Store Magic: Number 3 in series (Otherworld)

Dime Store Magic  - Kelley Armstrong Paige is a witch, and Coven Leader of the American Coven. That sounds more important than she really is, because the Elders don't really want to give her any power. Now she has to look after Savannah, daughter of deceased dark witch Eve, with powers no one can predict.Enter Leah, bad half-demon, a Volo, which means she can levitate things. Levitate in the way that she can chop your head of with a flying plate. Then there is Nast, leader of the Nast Cabal, a sorcerer business-Mafia, who wants custody over Savannah.This starts a chain of actions that well, fill the whole book. This book is one long roller coaster ride of fast-paced plot twists. It was very different from Bitten and Stolen indeed, but Paige is a whole different character, so I don't mind. The romance was predictable but kinda cute, Cortez dialogue fit him quite right and Savannah acted like a real thirteen-year-old. Fun read!