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Veronika Decides to Die

Veronika Decides to Die - Margaret Jull Costa, Paulo Coelho I wish I could say I picked this book up because I wanted something more to read than the plain old paranormal romance. I wish I could say I read this book because I wanted to know more about life. I wish I reviewed this book because I wanted to share with the world the joy of life.The reason I picked this book up? My favourite band, Billy Talent, has a song called Saint Veronica. About a girl that decides to die. I like that song.Yes, for that superficial reason I took this book from the library shelf and brought it home. Then I read it in two sittings. And discovered that my superficial reasons don't do this book right. It is truly a great book. It makes me want to say "but I do enjoy my life!". Coelho writes in such clear and simple language that this book is enjoyable for about anyone. It makes you think about your life. It still has you thinking days after you have said goodbye to Veronika and Eduard and Doctor Igor. Can't say it's a masterpiece, 'cause well, it isn't. It has some flaws, like the quite unrealistic plot twist and the questionable medical research. Sometimes we lose Veronika, whom I think to be the main character, for way too much time because we have to listen to the life story of a character that doesn't really matter anyway.I just loved the way Coelho portrayed the mental hospital. The madness, and even the structure behind the madness. Inspiring. Read it for superficial reasons, but read it anyway.No one ever thought that she was capableAnd the damage done is irreversibleNow she clings to life inside a hospitalLike she's trapped inside a frozen waterfallAlways said her life was never meant to beStuck here living someone else's dreamWell beyond your window there is so much moreEven every prison has a open door