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Inkspell - Cornelia Funke, Anthea Bell Meh. I expected more. Inkheart had me hooked and was fun to read, even though it was very long. This book was great in the creative point of view, but it's just horribly long. If there was so much to tell about this wouldn't be a problem, but there is nothing interesting going on. And when something finally does go on, we're not there to witness it, or it is over within a page or so. There is a terrible problem with the pacing of the story. We get lectured over and over again about every trivial detail, but the big climactic battle with armies of the Kings clashing was over in (not kidding) two pages. And we're not even in it. We just get told, hey, there they are! They're fighting! Oh, now everyone's dead. The pity. I want to slap Mrs. Funke with her book. Maybe that will teach her to clip away all these needless descriptions and focus the story on what we do want to hear about, all those characters we love!I really can't think of more to say about this book. It took me ages to read. Every time I was in bed and I wanted to read an hour or two, I started yawning after five minutes, and after a quarter of an hour I would just give up and go to sleep.Part three looks a little bit thinner. And she did leave us hanging on the lamest cliffhanger EVER. Oh seriously, what was that end all about?! I turning the last page, looking if there was something written on the back that I missed. Nope, that was it. Yippee. Sorry for the biting sarcasm.