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Celebrity Space (Space Hotel Series #1)

Celebrity Space (Space Hotel Series #1) - Alain Gomez Short stories are always a bit tricky. They need to grab you from the first sentence, because there is no time to connect with the characters throughout the story.For me, there was not enough time to get to know the main character. We get some background info, a bit like his life in 10 seconds, before we get on with what the story really is about. It made me wish this info wasn't there. If I can't get to know your character in such a short time, then don't give us some random facts that don't add to the story. They only make it confusing.For a sci-fi story this didn't satisfy my inner science geek. So we can travel with shuttles to space? That's awesome! Yet we don't know what the shuttle looks like at all. Is it big, small, silver or maybe pink? Where is that hotel situated where the shuttle is heading? Well, somewhere in space I guess, but that's a rather wide conception. Here, I would have wanted more details. I want to see the shuttle crossing through space.That lack of science-talk probably makes this story more accessible for the general public. If it wasn't set in outer space, you wouldn't have known this is science fiction. The plot was good, and the final twist was pretty cool. I didn't see it coming at least. It's a good short story. Maybe not so good a science-fiction short story.