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Storm Front

Storm Front  - Jim Butcher I really liked this book. It being a first book in a very long series, there were a lot of characters to learn to know, but the main characters voice was very distinct, and I loved him immediately. Harry the wizard for hire takes on a case of a woman, searching for her husband. He expects that he's just having an affair, but he'll look into it anyway. However, this case is not as simple as it looks on first glance. When his help is also needed by the police in a suspicious investigation, Harry might be in over his head.This might even be the first UF book I've read with a manly main character, and I was pleasantly surprised. Even though Harry is pretty much the ultimate geek that is attracted to about every woman he sees, I still liked him because deep down, he's quite kick-ass.The world Mr Butcher sketches here is highly entertaining and interesting. He has a slightly different take on vampires and other supernaturals, that make me curious for the next books in the series. Storm Front is action-packed with a fast moving plot, and a great introduction into this series.