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Dark Reunion (Vampire Diaries, No 4)

Dark Reunion - L.J. Smith I have complained about Elena countless times, about her shallow personality, her whining voice, her stupid let's-not-ask-for-help attitude... Now I found out, The Vampire Diaries without Elena is even worse.We now follow the story along from Bonnie's point of view. We never saw that much from her as a person in the other books. As it turns out, this was for good reason. Bonnie is just a bit of a boring character. She is a support character, a secondary. She is not a main. She has not enough depth, enough history, not enough complexity. Worst thing is, she could have been more. Bonnie has a special gift. She is a descendant from the ancient Druids or something. She can contact ghosts through rituals. I wish there would have been more emphasis on her talents. That she had some more powers, something more useful. Now she had a few little cool moments in the beginning of the book, but when the action picked up, she became totally useless. She would stand watching along the lines thinking "Oh boy, I should really do something!". But she never has a shining moment. This was the last part of the Vampire Diaries series that I had on my shelves, and it will be the last part I will read. After the completely unexplained deus ex machina ending of this book (which I thought was pretty lame) I have had enough. This series is definitely not for me.