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Alienation HB (C.H.A.O.S. Novels (Hardcover))

Alienation - Jon S. Lewis The next instalment in the C.H.A.O.S. series, Alienation is definitely action-packed. And with action-packed I mean PACKED. One moment we're flying around with jetpacks, trying to evade a tank-size wasp. Just moments later we're attacked by some scary shapeshifting assassin.I had this whole nice long and thoughtful review planned out, but Goodreads decided this was a perfect moment to start some maintenance. So it was deleted. I will thus be making a nice pro-con list!Pro:- Tons and tons of action. If I had a little brother, I would immediately recommend this book to him- Will appeal to lovers of super-hero stories and comic book readers- Imaginative creatures and technologies. It has a cool futuristic feel. Who doesn't love shiny gadgets?- It has a super cool grandpa that can kick ass- Very clean action. There is some blood, but definitely no ripping out entrails here- Even though the book is published by Christian literature publisher Thomas Nelson, Alienation is not preachy at allCon:- You get thrown into the action right away. At times I wondered what the connection was with the actual plot- I sometimes missed an emotional connection with Colt. At times he just feels cold and distant - I was looking forward to some character development in this book, but I wasn't completely satisfied.All in all, Alienation is a great fast-paced book that I would recommend.