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Blood Work (Hollows Graphic Novel)

Blood Work: An Original Hollows Graphic Novel - Gemma Magno, Pedro Maia Maia, Kim Harrison My first venture into the unknown world of the graphic novel! When I heard Kim Harrison was writing a graphic novel that described the conditions in which her Hollows main characters Rachel and Ivy meet, I know I had to read it. I was a bit scared that I wasn't going to like it, because to be honest I have never read in this format before. Turns out, it was pretty awesome. I can't talk for the hardcore graphic novel readers out there. But as a fan of the Hollows series, I can say that Blood Work is definitely worth it. The art is easy on the eyes, and even though I didn't always pictured the characters different than they turned out. I liked the little background in Rachel and Ivy, and see Ivy and Kisten together. If you haven't read the other Hollows books, I'm not sure how much you will like Blood Work. The plot is pretty much self-explanatory, and pretty exciting too, but it will probably be too short a book to truly appreciate the characters. But then again, maybe that is always so in a graphic novel?I would definitely recommend Blood Work if you're curious how Rachel and Ivy met.