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Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2)

Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2) - Ms Stiefvater is steadily becoming one of my favourite authors. As I said in my review of the first book of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, Shiver, I liked it. This liking is slowly turning into something more, something that is reserved only for my all-time favourites.Now Beck is gone, Sam has to take his place. With the three new wolves he is feeling the burden of responsibility. With every single day Grace becomes sicker, and he doesn't know how to help her. Isabelle is falling for Cole, one of the new wolves, but he is even more broken than she is. There is a lot going on in Mercy Falls, and not all of it is good...Reading Linger felt like returning to old friends. I read it during the hectic mess that are my review books. I read it when I went to sleep and wanted something comforting. The dreaminess of Ms Stiefvater's writing draws me in so effortless. I can pick up her book after a long stressful day and within a few words get transported to her world.Another thing I love is how realistic her relationships are. Sam and Grace are still an amazing couple and I was very glad that she didn't insert petty fights to make it more exciting. The only issues they had were things outside of their doing. A big issue in Linger are Grace's parents. Now Grace and Sam have been together for so long, eliminating their oh-it's-just-a-fling attitude, they are getting in the way of their relationship. The whole situation is so life-like. I can imagine parents all over the world reacting the same way.The budding romance between Isabelle and Cole is awkward and adorable. I think one day they will make a great couple. They are absolute opposites to Grace and Sam, yet awesome all the same. I'm looking forward to see what happens to them in the next book.One thing I didn't like - the cliffhanger! Argh, now I have to read the last book in the trilogy, Forever. I heard a lot of people are disappointed with the conclusion. I just hope reading Forever is just as enjoyable as reading Linger.