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Doubtless (Irresistible Attraction)

Doubtless - Cat Grant Not usually one for romance novellas, I give this one a try because I wanted a break from the countless YA novels I've been reading lately. My usual complaint is that they contain only sex and no story - but luckily that wasn't the case with Doubtless.Steve has everything - a big apartment, an expensive car, a great job.. But there is no love in his life. When he encounters a male escort at a bar at night, he learns something about himself.This novella is short, but sweet. I instantly liked Steve, who is humble and slightly awkward, but great at his job. He is a sad and confused guy yet stays away from being whiny. Basically this story is about his transformation.I had no clue there was a book that comes before Doubtless, that tells the story of his best friend Connor. If you've read that one, Priceless, you already know this story won't end on a HEA. I didn't know that, so the ending of this book was quite a surprise for me. I really liked it though, it was sweet and positive without being gooey or clich├ęd. There is some sex in Doubtless, but it doesn't overpower the story. There is a fade-out at one point, and the rest of it isn't too graphic or icky. I was quite impressed by the author's writing, and I'd love to read another book by her.