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Anna 2026

Anna 2026 - Lucas Morgan When I receive a book for review I usually know within the first five pages whether or not I will be able to finish it. Even though self-publishing enables unique and talented writers to share their work with the world, most books I receive aren’t ready to be read yet. Anna 2026 does have some spelling errors (especially punctuation ones), but the story itself is very well written.When Anna disappears, Riley knows something’s terribly wrong. She has been accused of taking an extremely dangerous drug, and dumped in the Zone where she is left to die. Riley can’t let the love of his life go without a fight, and goes on a gruesome adventure towards the truth of Anna’s disappearance.The first thing I’d like to point out is the grittiness of the book. Mr Lucas has absolutely no qualms about taking the reader on a shocking and exhausting emotional roller-coaster. He doesn’t gloss over the sense of loss Riley feels, or tone down the violence he encounters. For the better too, it gives Anna 2026 an edge that most dystopian novels try to accomplish.The book is short, but packed with action and tension. To provide extra emotional depth the book features flashbacks to times before Anna disappears. I was very glad to be given these titbits of background to their relationship and Riley’s anguish.Small editing errors aside, Anna 2026 is a wonderful addition to the adult dystopian genre that I think a lot of science-fiction/horror readers will enjoy. If you like your fiction raw, Anna 2026 might be just your thing.