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No Humans Involved: Number 7 in series (Otherworld)

No Humans Involved  - Kelley Armstrong No Humans Involved is the seventh book in the Women of the Otherworld series, and the books are still as strong as ever. This one features the oldest protagonist so far, Jaime. Jaime is a spiritualist, only her producers know she's actually the real deal, and that she's a necromancer on top of that as well. The story roughly follows two story lines; the one in which Jaime is co-starring in a TV show, and the "supernatural mystery" storyline. In the backyard of the house they're shooting the show Jaime comes across some spirits that can actually touch her, something they aren't supposed to be able to do. With the help of Jeremy and the fellow Otherworld cast she solves the mystery.After Bitten, this might actually be one of my favourites of the series. Jaime was a wonderful heroine, one that is independent yet knows when a guy is being chivalrous and when to accept that. The fact that she's so confident in her skin and experienced in the love-field was refreshing. She's a great match to Jeremy and I loved their scenes together. They quite often made me grin while reading - and that's quite a feat for me. More often than not I'm grossed out by the love scenes, but nothing like that in No Humans Involved. The scenes were sexy without being icky. Sometimes it's a bit hard to keep up with all the characters that make up the Otherworld cast, but I still enjoyed the little insights in the lives of my favourite characters like Elena and Eve. It was quite obvious that Hope will be getting the next book, but the little hints Ms Armstrong has dropped about her have definitely made me interested. No Humans Involved is a strong continuation of this solid urban-fantasy series, and one that I would strongly recommend.