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It - Stephen King I finally finished it. I finally finished "It". I don't know where to start this. First, this book is looong. It's both it's strength and it's weakness. You get totally sucked into the story, you get to love all the characters, know their strengths, know their weaknesses, know their family, know their fears. They start to become a piece of you. On the other side, it is a heavy burden to carry around. I think I read this book in about four months and I think I read in it almost every day. After a while, I even started to get scared of It. It was getting so creepy, I didn't even dare to put the book at my nightstand at night. Although it was quite lengthy, it really is storytelling at it's best. Still, there are some flaws. The Turtle was just totally weird. It gets first mentioned at around page 300, and then you don't hear anything about him(?) for about 700 pages. I was really wondering if Mr. King had left us a loose end. Then, when the Turtle finally did came, he was a bit well, not ancient? I can't recall what he said exactly, but it struck me as a bit odd that creature that has always been there talks like that. Some spoilers ahead. I liked the little twist of "It" at the end. The end was quite good, it felt like it couldn't have ended any other way. Maybe the orgy bit was a little bit, well, too much, especially the birds (omg, the birds, what type of girl thinks of birds at that type of moment?). The destruction of Derry could have been a little less detailed. I liked reading about the buildings and the streets, but after the library and the mall and the bars and the restaurants and the bridge.. well, you get my point. I think I'm already forgetting the details. Maybe that's for the best. I will only remember I love them, and that will be enough. Until next time.