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The Best Book in the World - Peter Stjernström, Rod Bradbury I'm not a frequent literary fiction reader, but when I do read lit fic I make sure it's like The Best Book in the World; readable, accessible but meaty in all the right places.The premise is simple. Two authors, one young and successful, one old and regressive, talk about the book of all books. A book that would be a best-seller in every category, from self-help to thriller. Not wanting to share the fame, they both set out to write the Best Book in the World.On the surface the book is an enjoyable romp through bizarre situations and crazy characters, including a rock-band filled with people suffering from Tourette's (including the singer) and a therapist that tried all of his alternative methods on himself first. Narratively speaking The Best Book in the World is very interesting and layered. I loved the frame within a frame within a frame, even though I get that it might get confusing. When reading a literary book I always make sure to keep an eye out for narrative techniques and small hints that will reveal what is really going on. Even though I was reading so attentively, I still thought the final chapter (the main source of confusion) could have been a bit longer. The characters were great, exactly like I want them. I love reading about eccentric and weird people, and the characters in The Best Book in the World certainly fit the bill. They might not necessarily all be three-dimensional, but their truthful ticks and habits made up for that. The Best Book in the World is a translated work, and sometimes translated works have stocky or unnatural prose. I didn't notice any unnatural turns of phrase in the book, and I thought Mr Stjernström's language translated beautifully. I also quite appreciated that all the Stockholm neighbourhoods were kept in their Swedish name. I loved the Stockholm setting; I've barely read any Scandinavian books, and I thought it was great to see Stockholm through a native's eyes. It might not be the best book in the world, but The Best Book in the World is a great book that I very much enjoyed reading. Recommended for lighter literary-fiction lovers. This book will make you think, but it won't pose you any unsolvable mysteries either.