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Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle Trilogy #2)

Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle Trilogy #2) - In one word: amazing. Rebel Angels had everything I missed in A Great and Terrible Beauty. The love is bitter-sweet, the realms magical, the action thrilling and the friendship genuine. The writing also improved greatly since the last book, and unlike in GBT I actually understood what was happening without having to read back. The mystery was maybe a little predictable, but still very well done. I admire Libba Bray for taking risks and not stay inside the safe-zone. She actually dares to talk about sexual abuse and neglect and self-mutilation in a young-adult novel, without describing it too shocking or explicit. I also think she has done some good research on the age she is writing about. The balls and visits feel like Austen, only written in a modern way.Haunting book. Absolutely loved it. Give me more Kartik!