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The Demon Kiss (Of Witches and Warlocks #2)

The Demon Kiss (Of Witches and Warlocks #2) - Lacey Weatherford The sequel to the romantic The Trouble With Spells, The Demon Kiss gives us a lot more suspense.We come back to Portia and Vance after Vance is turned into a half-demon, and Portia is left behind while Vance goes on a search for his evil father.What I really appreciate in these books is that Ms Weatherford doesn't keep you waiting for the action until the very end. There is enough going on throughout the book to keep you entertained. There were a lot of moments in the book that made me giggle, which is always a very good sign.The most significant change in the series is that the focus of the story is shifting a bit from the romance between our main characters, to some more action and plot. Trust me, there is still more than enough romance to satisfy your fix of Vance, but it's nice to read some more about his father and learn more about the demon lore.There is a little bit less magic in The Demon Kiss, but I still love the fact that it all feels so natural. The descriptions make it feel like a second nature of the characters, and not something the author forced on them. It was also nice to see Portia's friends getting some minor powers of their own. I hope to see more of them in the third book of the series.The relationship between Portia and Vance is clearly more mature now, and I'm very glad for that. They're still deeply in love, but they now realise that there will always be disagreements within a relationship. It was interesting to see them deal with their problems.Overall The Demon Kiss is a really nice sequel for The Trouble With Spells. It has the same atmosphere as its predecessor, but a bit more mature and with an exciting plot to keep you urging to read on.