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Errant - Diana Peterfreund Me and killer unicorns, we go way back. The first time I heard of their existence it was like finding that missing piece that completes you into a whole being. It filled the empty little place in my heart. And still now, I can't get enough.Errant is a short story of about 30 pages, set in historical France. Gitta, a unicorn hunter trained in Rome, is summoned to help in a symbolic unicorn hunt. But there is more magic hiding in this estate than she expected...I loved how in this tiny short story, Ms Peterfreund manages to insert several plot twists, character development and a teasing insight into the world of unicorn hunters. The story stands completely on its own, making it accessible for both die-hard fans and the relatively ignorant. When I wrote this review, this novelette was still available for free. Read more about this offer on Diana Peterfreund's blog. Go read it, NOW!