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Fool Moon (Dresden Files Series #2)

Fool Moon (Dresden Files Series #2) - More of the same and yet completely opposite to the first part of the series... I still haven't made up my mind yet.Wizard for hire Harry Dresden has more enemies than he can count on one hand, and they all want him dead. When there are serial killings that seem like the work of a bloodthirsty werewolf, he makes a few more. Will Harry be able to keep his head above water, and maybe restore his police friend Murphy's trust in him?I like Harry's voice, and Mr Butcher is a good writer, yet still there is something about his book that is... itchy. I don't know how to describe it. I want to love them, but I just never get there. There is something about Harry, about the story that stands in the way. I can't put a finger on it. What I can tell you about Fool Moon is that it is quite werewolf-heavy, in a good way. There are different kind of wolves, all with different strengths and weaknesses, which I found very interesting. Usually urban-fantasies only sport one kind of werewolf. Mr Butcher managed to create quite a few, and made them all distinct species. For me Fool Moon felt a lot darker than the first book in the Dresden Files series, Storm Front. There is tons of violence, and because the main villains are wolf-like, there is a lot of gruesome detailing of people shredded to bits. Not only was there more violence and fighting, I also felt like Harry was not quite his cheerful self. He felt quite depressed, like he had lost all hope. And not just during one situation, but throughout the whole last half of the book. I'm wondering if this is how the whole series is going to be like. Maybe the darkness and bleakness of the book is why I'm not that eager to continue reading.These are good books, and I will keep reading the series, but I'm not really rushing to get to them.