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The Lady and the Locksmith

The Lady and the Locksmith - Cody Young I've never been so much inclined to give a book one star. But I kind of feel sorry for the author, as this book has already an average rating below three as it is.The Lady and the Locksmith is a novella set in 1900 England. Lady Susannah, daughter of a politician is not allowed to leave her house. But the beautiful locksmith Carl holds the key...Even though it was so short, this novella manages to make me want to throw it across the room, and then maybe yell at it a bit. Luckily I remembered just on time that I don't want to hurt my poor Kindle. I don't even know where to start. There was nothing in The Lady and the Locksmith that I actually liked. The writing was pretty basic, nothing special there. The setting was sketchy at best. There are massive holes in the plot galore. The main problem gets solved too easily. Ms Young forgets her time period when it suits her. The characters were inconsistent and acted very strange at times. I never like when characters go to instant-love, but this book goes as far as mentioning things like "the song Carl always sang for her.." when they know each other for like three days. This novella is available for free. Not worth your time though, there are plenty of other historical romances that are way better.Ah, never mind. I'm giving it one star.