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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1 - Katie Cook,  Andy Price *What I liked:- The art looks amazing. There is so much to discover in the background, and I love the expressions of the ponies- Great references to movies like IT- Tongue-in-cheek humour- Even though you know no one will get hurt, the story is exciting and keeps you turning the pages- All ponies have distinct different personalitiesWhat I didn't like:- The story is told in five parts; I didn't care much for the first part- Feel-good message overload. Yes, I get that love conquers all and I don't mind the ponies actually saying it out loud, but please not again, and again, and again- Sometimes the art was so all over the place that I didn't know where to look first (I'm a complete comic noob though - it might not bother other people)Verdict: Load of fun, would love to read next parts* This is a review of all the Friendship is Magic comics combined, which I received for review from Netgalley