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Fact or Fiction? The Paris M6 Crashes

Fact or Fiction? The Paris M6 Crashes - Colin  Hall Summary: Graphic novel in which fiction and reality blur as Colin Hall investigates a possible paranormal phenomenon in which people have disappeared without a trace.What I liked:- It looks amazing! It has blog-cutouts, little notes and doodles, coffee stains, pictures... The look reminded me a bit of those "bet you didn't know these facts!" books I read when I was little, which is a good thing.- The idea. I'm currently reading Don Quixote for class, and we talk a lot about the way Cervantes plays with fiction and reality, and I can see Colin Hall also thought about this when writing.- It was definitely something that's nothing like anything I ever read before- Colin tries to innovate by using blogs that exist next to the graphic novel for extra intruigeWhat I didn't like:- I liked the idea of using blogs, but for me it didn't completely work out. I read to get away from my computer once in a while.- Too many questions, too little answers. I felt like we were going in circles again and again, not gaining any new information.Verdict: Lovers of conspiracy theory will eat this up. To fully understand what is going on, you'll have to do some research of your own. Fact or Fiction? The Paris M6 Crashes will not be for you if you want a full narrative story with clear plot.